Concepts Contentstack is a headless CMS with an API-first approach that puts content at the centre. It is designed to simplify the process of publication by separating code from content. Let’s understand the overall concept and learn how it works. Contentstack is used by two groups of people:

Content Managers: This group works solely with the content. They can edit, delete, update, and publish content.

Developers: This group creates the content structure of the site or app. In addition, they manage all the important settings such as roles, environment, languages, etc. related to the site or app. Contentstack's process of publication

The website or app is broken down into different sections (e.g., Home, About, News), based on the overall structure of the website or app. Developers then create a content type for each of these sections. 

Content type: A content type is the structure of a section with one or more fields within it. It is a form-like page that gives Content Managers an interface to input and upload content. 

Once the Developer creates the required content types, Content Managers can start creating entries.

Entry: An entry is the actual piece of content created using one of the defined content types. 

To create an entry, Content Managers simply fill data in the fields of a content type, and publish it, without worrying about any coding. They can also upload Assets (media files).

Asset: Assets refer to all the media files (images, videos, PDFs, audio files, and so on) uploaded to Contentstack. These files can be used in multiple entries.  

Several entries can be created for each content type, and each entry can be published individually. For example, a press release would be a single entry and the Press section of a website would have multiple press releases. Publishing an entry only takes a few clicks. An entry is published to an environment i.e. a server of your choice. 

Environment: A publishing environment corresponds to one or more deployment servers or a content delivery destination where the entries need to be published.

Thus, Contentstack makes the whole process of publication seamless, be it for a one-page blog or large websites with multiple pages or a news app for mobile devices. Explore our in-depth documentation to get started.